SAP Administrators

Experienced SAP BASIS Administrator ensuring smooth system upgrades and migrations.

Adam Turner

SAP NetWeaver Administration
SAP HANA Administration
SAP Solution Manager
SAP Landscape Virtualization Management
SAP System Upgrades
Database Management
SAP Security  
Transport Management

Tech : 4.5/5  |  8 Years Hire Now

Sophia Patel

SAP System Installations
SAP System Copy & Refresh
SAP Fiori Installation  
SAP Fiori Configuration
SAP Upgrades & Patching
SAP Performance Tuning
Database Management
High Availability
Disaster Recovery

Tech : 4.8/5  |  12 Years Hire Now

Liam Mitchell

SAP System Administration
SAP Landscape Design
SAP Performance Optimization
SAP System Monitoring
SAP Transport Management
SAP Security & Compliance
SAP Kernel
Patch Management
Database Administration

Tech : 4.9/5  |  15 Years Hire Now

Essential Factors for Hiring SAP Administrators

System Optimization

Choose administrators adept at enhancing SAP system performance through strategic tuning and resource management, ensuring optimal efficiency for business processes.

Security Expertise

Prioritize candidates with a deep understanding of SAP security protocols, enabling them to implement robust measures that safeguard critical data and uphold compliance standards.

Troubleshooting Prowess

Opt for candidates proficient in swiftly diagnosing and resolving intricate SAP system issues, ensuring minimal downtime and continuous business operations.

User Support Excellence

Choose administrators skilled in delivering comprehensive end-user support, including training and assistance, to guarantee seamless interaction and satisfaction within the SAP system.

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500+ Combined Years

Access a team with 500+ years of collective SAP Basis experience, ensuring exceptional system management.

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98% System Uptime

Trust our administrators with a track record of achieving 98% system uptime, ensuring continuous business operations.

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